Senator Laura Ebke has proposed a bill (LB289) authored by the gun lobby that will deprive Nebraskan communities of the right to pass firearm ordinances. If passed, this bill will make unlicensed open carry legal in Omaha and will wipe out laws in Lincoln that forbid stalkers from owning guns in the city and prevent people from bringing guns into domestic violence shelters. It will make it so that your community will no longer be able to pass important public safety laws. It also specifically empowers the NRA to sue Nebraskan cities and towns for exorbitant amounts of money. Please consider contacting your legislator about this bad bill. If you need some specific language for your letter or email, here is some guidance.

1. Introduction.

Example: My name is _____ and I live in _____.

2. A statement expressing your concern.

a. I am very concerned about gun violence in our state.
b. I am alarmed by how common gun violence has become in the US and Nebraska.
c. It is unacceptable to me that Nebraska leads the nation in African American homicide rates.
d. Almost 100 people in Nebraska were shot just in the first six months of 2015.
e. I can’t believe that with all the gun violence we see in our country, Nebraska is considering loosening gun laws.

3. A statement about local gun laws.

a. My community should have the right to pass ordinances to protect us from gun violence.
b. A city like Omaha or Lincoln faces gun violence issues that are unlike those of rural Nebraska and should be able to address them locally.
c. It is important for Nebraska towns and cities to be able to protect their residents.
d. LB 289 is designed for the convenience of people who carry guns, not for public safety.
e. I don’t think the city council of Omaha should have to get permission from lawmakers in Crete and Columbus to address their city’s alarming gun homicide rate.
f. A law-abiding adult is able to own a gun anywhere in Nebraska. Our local gun laws do not threaten gun ownership; they protect the public from irresponsible people with guns.

4. What you are asking your legislator to do.

a. I would like you to vote against LB289.
b. Please say no to the preemption of local laws and vote against LB 289.

5. Sign off with name and contact info.