Renting a Gun in Nebraska

In most states renting a gun presents a problem: the only time the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) can be accessed is when an authorized person is selling a gun. So in most states, a shooting range can’t conduct a background check even if they wanted to—they are not allowed access to NICS when renting a gun that stays on the premises. Here in Nebraska, though, we have a great tool at our disposal: the three-year purchase permit issued by the state. The background check is performed by the state and the certificate is good for three years. Shooting ranges in Nebraska could easily require a renter to show a handgun purchase permit, thereby ensuring he or she had passed a NICS background check within the last three years. Doing so could avoid tragedies like the recent suicide at a Lincoln gun range, when a young man with a history of struggling with mental illness rented a handgun and shot himself. We at NAGV think this simple, low-cost fix—require a gun renter to show a Nebraska purchase permit, which costs $5 and lasts three years—is a sensible way to prevent some tragedies.